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Information technology today is recognized as frontier area of knowledge and also a critical enabling tool for assimilating, processing and enhancing all other spheres of knowledge. India has achieved tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential I.T. super power in the world. It is also recognized the world over, that information Technology is going to change every facet of human existence and will usher in a knowledge based society in the 21st century. Information Technology education requires high quality Competence & good Infrastructure in order to make a competitive I.T. professional. RS FOUNDATION has been running the establishment of this Trust was to provide Computer Education to every corner of the Country.

Through this Computer literacy Program, we ensure that our student learn more & more and become a dynamic human being. Our strong infrastructure, efficient, energetic, dedicated and capable officers urge the student to move forward. The academic rigor propels them to acquire greater professional competence. They have also been exposed to training and real world projects.

I am sure our students can meet any demand & challenges that the employer may have on them. I wish them great success in all their endeavors and quest for a better tomorrow, for themselves and for the mankind.
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Guest Lecture sessions cover topics from how to build a successful career in Analytics to applications across domains and industries.

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We invest a lot of time, effort, and resources into developing our supervisors and teacher. The number one factor that’s going to impact the success of this Institute is our teachers’ ability to teach, manage, motivate, and lead. We must give them every tool  they need to make sure these processes are being managed effectively.
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